Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy Weekend! :)

Quince Años

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a Quinceañera for the first time. This is a celebration for the coming of age for Latina girls. After taking pictures of the ceremony, we all headed up to the Texas Capital. This is a picture of the whole court along the second floor in the main lobby of the capital. All of the pictures turned out fabulously. I'll post more once I get permission from Ms. Quince.

I'm still knitting, I promise! It's a pretty big bolero. Plus, I'm really not that good at it.

Also! This weekend, my Mother and Father-in-law came in to town for the Greenbay/New York game. Sadly, Greenbay lost. This is me afterwards. :(

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Stephanie Hobbs said...

Ah, awesome, I look forward to seeing the pictures! And I just recently went to the capitol too, so its neat to see pictures again, hehe.

Ahhh, sorry the packers lost, that SUCKS!