Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tie Coffee Cozy Tutorial

I don't know about you guys, but I love finding new tutorials on the web. Especially if they're for something quite useful and unique. The more useful the better.

After starting at my naked coffee cup, I decided that it needed to be dressed up. :) The tie coffee cozy tutorial was born.

To make this simple (environmentally conscious) coffee cozy follow these directions:

Materials Needed:
Sewing Machine
a mens dress tie of your choice
a large button (or velcro)
corresponding thread
a sheet of felt

1. Locate a large tie you especially like. You can find ties at most thrift stores by the bin full for very very cheap. They come in different sizes, but I like to use the largest width I can. I decided on a vintage striped orange and brown number.

2. Measure thirteen inches in from the very tip of the the fat end of the tie. Make a mark at 13 inches and cut across the tie to remove the end of it. We won't be using the neck area of the tie. Feel free to use it in other craft projects. I especially like the thought of turning it into a nice wrist cuff. (Which can be made in a similar fashion as this tutorial. Just imagine your wrist instead of the coffee cup, and measure using your actual wrist.)

3. Cut out a piece of felt for the backing on the tie. It should be the same size or a tad bit smaller in dimension than the tie bottom. This will stabilize it and keep it from slipping around on the cup. Also, it will add an extra layer of insulation for keeping the drink warmer and keeping your hand cooler.

4. Place the tie and the felt right sides together and sew along the top flat edge of the tie.

5. Flip the tie over to where the wrong sides are facing each other. Sew all the way around the edge of the tie and the felt.

6. Attach either a button or Velcro. The sewn flat edge will lay underneath the pointy end when you fasten it around the cup. This should fit a standard coffee cup. However, if you're unsure about fit, the Velcro would be a better way to go as it's more adjustable.


Steph said...

OH! I am SO going to make one of these!!! My coffee cup is always too hot to hold anyway, hehe. I need to learn how to use my button setting on my sewing machine so I don't have to sew it by hand.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

Brie said...

You could use velcro if you're a little nervous about the button. Then you can put the button on top to make it look like you're using it.

erika said...

I'm going into the closet and stealing my husbands tie. I'm not good at sewing on buttons so I will take your advice about sewing it on the top.


btw. hi im erika ;]

megan said...

I'm a free-lance editor gathering online sewing tutorials for a 2010 calendar for Accord Publishing. I'd like to talk to you about including your Tie Coffee Cozy tutorial, but I can't find your email anywhere. Can you please send me a message and I'll be able to pass along a lot more information? Thanks!

Karina said...

I just tried your tutorial and am the proud owner of 2 recycled tie coffee cozies!

Thanks for posting it. It was super easy, and a great excuse for me to learn how to use the button hole foot for my machine.