Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My hand at sewing

Tonight I decided to work on just a couple of projects. My crafting time consists of the time after work, between supper and Project Runway. I did get a couple of bags created though.

Numero Uno:
Imagine my surprise when I visit Joanne's after work and stumble upon some Alexander Henry fabric. I quickly snatched it up and decided to whip up this simple little tote.

Aaand B:

This bag is really a place mat. :) I visited the Crate and Barrel Outlet in San Marcos and stumbled upon this little jewel. It was hanging out in a bin of orphaned place mats. I just adore it. It's a quite simple bag and I can definitely post a tutorial for it later.

Right now though, it's sleepy time.

Have a great night!


Stephanie Hobbs said...

Brie! You are so absolutely talented!! I am in LOVE with that second bag, I cant believe you made it from a placement, that's amazing!! I can't wait to get together and do crafty stuff, it's going to be awesome!

bettyninja said...

Cute totes. I saw that fabric at Joanne's too and can't wait to scoop it up. They also have similar pattern with lemons whcih I love--hard to find though. I travel to all the different Joanne's looking for it.

erika said...

I'm so driving down there from Fort Worth and stealing it from you..

I love that bag [the 2nd one]