Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Flower

For my first post and a new beginning, I bring a good luck charm for the new year. This piece is my rendition of a narcissus flower. It's been cut out of a sheet of 22 gauge sterling silver. I broke 7 or 8 blades in my jewelers saw for this piece.

The Narcissus flower is thought to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity if it blooms on New Years Day. Mine bloomed just today. :) I hope it carries me through a prosperous 2008.


Stephanie Hobbs said...

Brie! Hi, its Steph from work, hehe. I LOVE this flower, it's absolutely gorgeous, and such a positive symbol to ring in the new year.

I did some work like this in college, but nothing nearly as delicate and beautiful as this. I think I made a crappy bookmark, haha.

Anyway, glad I found you!

Nikki Schreiner said...

HI! Your blog looks great so far and this flower you made is beautiful! Happy New Year!

Leah said...

it's a lovely piece!

i'll be adding your blog to the creative every day challenge today! :-)